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hello internet, i'm nerissa. proud latin@, garden state native, music/pop culture nerd, existential nightmare, and first-year journalism major at boston university. i basically created this blog because I felt I could post about more serious stuff on here, whatever that means. on behalf of myself, i'd like to elaborate that i think it means that i want to post about my opinions on specific topics, general life concerns and things i think about a lot, and kind of document my time while attending university. i'm trying to pursue a career in writing, and i've heard countless times that the best way to improve your writing is to literally just write, so that's what i'm going to try to do. i've never been very good about keeping a journal/diary/whatever so this is probably not going to be a diary or different from it in the sense that i'm not going to post extremely frequently. anyway. if you stumble across this page somehow, this is me extending a warm hello and thank you in advance :-)

boston marathon 2015

happy marathon monday!!!!

today was an excellent day, i had the day off (obvi, because this is massachusetts and it’s patriot’s day) and it was my first time attending the boston marathon and i actually enjoyed it a lot!! the weather was not so great, but it didn’t completely ruin the entire race/day. i thought i’d share some pictures i managed to snap during my time downtown!

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hello internet!!! the business bitch is back again with another super cool (mostly lame) update of her life! as you may or may not know, today was record store day–an annual event where a shit ton of awesome limited edition records are released today in local, independent record shops across the country. i’ve only recently gotten into record collecting, and i bought my first turntable two years ago. (if you must know, it’s a crosley cruiser one and it’s shit i know i regret buying it all the time) it’s something i’ve found i enjoy a lot, and record store day/its black friday continuation have become really exciting events for me.

last year was actually my first record store day, and i spent it at hogwild records in san antonio, texas, where i was spending my spring break with my family. (BEAUTIFUL city, by the way. if you ever get the chance to visit, definitely do so!!!) since we were on vacation, i knew it would be impossible to get up early and get there on time, so i was expecting to not get all the releases that i was interested in buying. we probably arrived there two or three hours after they opened, but i still managed to score some RSD releases as well as two other ones! i got four in total:

clockwise from left: "Holy Fire" 12" LP by Foals, "Apollo" 12" single by Disclosure, "Sunbathing Animal" 7" single by Parquet Courts, and "11th Dimension Live from Electric Lady Studios" 7" single by Julian Casablancas

clockwise from left: “Holy Fire” 12″ LP by Foals, “Apollo” 12″ single by Disclosure, “Sunbathing Animal” 7″ single by Parquet Courts, and “11th Dimension Live from Electric Lady Studios” 7″ single by Julian Casablancas

i was pretty happy with what i got to purchase, and even happier because of the awesome environment i got to spend record store day in (although i could have done without the huge-ass line to check out, but that wasn’t even that bad).

then, on black friday last year, i happened to be home for thanksgiving, and i was excited to go spend the smaller-scale version of RSD in what is so far one of my favorite, favorite record shops, vintage vinyl in fords, new jersey! the shop is actually kind of a long drive from where i live, so i was worried that we wouldn’t get there in time, but thankfully we did; maybe a couple of hours after they opened. i was also worried that it would be a similar situation to what i had experienced in san antonio, with super long lines and limited selection, etc. but i was totally wrong! black friday (at least at this record shop) was apparently not a huge, huge deal so i got exactly what i wanted, and very efficiently! there were no lines or crowds whatsoever, and i especially liked the set-up they had, where they set up a wall displaying all the releases. there was a counter where employees stood behind, and instead of a free-for-all situation, you would tell them or give them a list of what you wanted (they had a handy printable PDF of the releases on their website, which was cool) and they’d kindly get it for you. i thought that was really smart on their behalf. even though there weren’t that many people to, i guess, square off against, there was still some sort of order, and it ensured that you could get exactly what you wanted and wouldn’t have to scramble all around to find what you were looking for. i got three releases this time, and like i said, they were exactly the ones that i wanted:

clockwise from left: "Last Christmas" 12" single by Wham!, "1981-1982" 12" clear EP by New Order, and "Pieta b/w Sparrow" 10" pink EP by St. Vincent

clockwise from left: “Last Christmas” 12″ single by Wham!, “1981-1982″ 12” clear EP by New Order, and “Pieta” pink 10″ EP by St. Vincent

so that brings us today’s RSD experience, which i got to spend here in boston. this year’s releases were actually pretty nice, i would say, so i was really excited to be spending it in the home of the famed newbury comics shop. i told myself that this was a serious matter this year, and that i was going to, no matter what, get there as early as possible to get all the releases i was looking for. so i woke up this morning around 6:30, and planned to get to newbury comics’ newbury street store (which is a very short walking distance from where i live on campus!!! yaaaas!!) at around 8. i thought this would be a fairly decent time to arrive there, but i was a little concerned that maybe that time might even be too late; i didn’t know how seriously people here take RSD, if at all! turns out i was kind of right. i arrived around 7:50 at the newbury street location, and there were already about 30-35 people lined up already. it was supposed to be around 65/66 degrees outside today, but in the two hours we ended up waiting, it felt absolutely freezing. all the shade happened to fall on our side of the sidewalk, and the sun didn’t hit probably until i got out of the actual store. so that was less than ideal.

waiting was actually not all that bad, most of the people in front of me and behind me seemed really interesting and not douchey or pretentious or annoying at all. i didn’t talk to anyone lol i found it much more enjoyable to eavesdrop (even though they were speaking loudly like they wanted anyone to join in, you know in that friendly, casual kind of way). ALSO it turns out that one of the two guys that were standing behind me in line actually played the guitar (i guess on occasion, not always) with a massachusetts band (* i don’t want to write out their full name because i don’t want them to read this????? lmao i’m an idiot but whatever you can probably figure it out if you try) that i just started listening to a couple of months ago and really enjoy so that was really, really cool and surreal somehow but yeah time didn’t pass too slowly. AND oh my god they also just really nonchalantly cut me in line at one point????? like they just slipped right in front of me because they were talking almost the entire time with the guy who was standing in front of me whom they had just met? like i didn’t say anything at all but i gave them some major side-eye and i hope that guy fucking noticed like it wasn’t that big a deal but i mean, come on man, literally what the fuck??

also, since the marathon is this monday, a whole bunch of runners and tourists that are in town for the event were walking/running up and down newbury street and every ten minutes asking everybody in line what we were all waiting for. i already knew that it was kind of a big deal for the people that live here in the area, but today i learned that the marathon is a much, much bigger deal than i thought. many, many tourists come to boston for the marathon and bostonians, as with every event, have their usual turn up and get drunk. and rightly so, i believe, especially with what happened with the bombing two years ago, the marathon is another opportunity to show city-wide solidarity and pride. which is honestly really beautiful to me. i’m excited to spend monday downtown and witness it!

ANYWAY back to the music. at around 9 a guy, i’m guessing the owner of the shop(?), came out and informed us about how this shit was going to go down and how the store really appreciated our enthusiasm and patronage and encouraged us to have fun etc. he told us that there was a 1 per customer limit to each release, and that the RSD releases were going to be in the middle section of the store, in alphabetical order or in size order and whatnot. once we FINALLY went in, they made us go through the store to the ramp that’s in the back and around to the middle section of the store. they essentially dedicated an entire corner of the store to RSD merchandise, and closed it off so there were “””only””” like 40 people in that section at a time which i suppose is good but totally illogical because everyone was packed in there, scrambling to find/actually get what they wanted. luckily, i was one of the first 40 people in line, so i thankfully by the grace of the based god got virtually everything that i wanted.

clockwise from left: "Step" white 12" single by Vampire Weekend, "What Kind of Man" blue 12" single by Florence + The Machine, "I Loved You Honeybee" red, heart-shaped 7" single by Father John Misty, "The Charade" 7" single by D'Angelo and The Vanguard, "The Front Bottoms/GDP split single" 7" by The Front Bottoms/GDP, "Everything is Wrong" 7" single by Interpol, and "Bust No Moves" clear 12" EP by Run the Jewels

clockwise from left: “Step” white 12″ single by Vampire Weekend, “What Kind of Man” blue 12″ single by Florence + The Machine, “I Loved You Honeybee” red, heart-shaped 7″ single by Father John Misty, “The Charade” 7″ single by D’Angelo and The Vanguard, “The Front Bottoms/GDP split single” 7″ by The Front Bottoms/GDP, “Everything is Wrong” 7″ single by Interpol, and “Bust No Moves” clear 12″ EP by Run the Jewels

i must have gone around that one small corner around 10 times, scouring for releases that i wanted, but i didn’t find absolutely everything. and i suppose that was a good thing, because i spent so much money that i feel unbelievably guilty for some reason and i’m probably not going to buy any new vinyl at all for, like, at least a year. like i said, i got pretty much everything i was looking forward to buying, but i was kinda bummed that i couldn’t score the wu-tang protect ya neck 12″ and the hundred waters cavity 7″; and honestly the only reason i didn’t get them was because i don’t think the store even had them. i didn’t ask, but then again you would think that i wouldn’t miss it after like going around the place 10 times. but i’m not extremely upset about it, i’ll be okay. this was the best and most memorable record store day i’ve had so far, and i’d like to give a shout-out to newbury comics for being so supportive of this event and making it all possible!! i’m legit broke as fuck for the next like 20349230 months, but i still love y’all. i’m looking forward to doing it all again next year!

philadelphia, i love you

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hey! sorry i haven’t posted in such a long time, i’ve been extremely busy this past month. today is pretty much the last day of my spring break, and i’m set to go back to boston tomorrow. i’ve really enjoyed this past week, and the weather in new jersey has been for the most part amazing. it’s been in the 40s-lower 50s so it hasn’t been perfect almost-spring weather, but at least it hasn’t been freezing. i didn’t really do much this week, besides start filling out job applications because i want to try and get a job this summer, and just relaxing at home doing some arts and crafts. i went into the city with my mom once this week, which was nice because i hadn’t been there since winter break. i had really missed it.

anyway, what i wanted to share with you were some pictures from a day trip i took with my family down to philadelphia. believe it or not, in all my years here in nj, i had not once ever visited philly, even though it’s unbelievably close to where i live, maybe an hour and a half drive away. i was really excited because my favorite thing in the world to do is traveling and i absolutely love visiting new cities, especially large metropolitan cities like philadelphia.

my parents and i arrived there midday, and we basically only did touristy things, like visit landmarks and famous sightseeing areas around the city. i don’t think i was never bored once. but that’s just me, nerissa, u.s. history nerd. it was, thankfully, sunny out most of the day, but it was slightly chilly. however, since we spent all of it walking long distances, i don’t think we felt it as much.

like i said, we pretty much only visited the places most people who go to philly visit, and i enjoyed them all thoroughly. here are some of the pictures i took of the places we went, in the order we visited them.

liberty bell                                    independence hall

obviously, the first place we went to was independence national historic park/ the independence mall area. it’s most notably the place with the liberty bell and independence hall, aka the place where the declaration was signed, the continental congress held meetings, etc. a lot of history happened here. we also got to take a (free!) tour of independence hall which was pretty sweet.

we then walked all the way from independence mall to the edgar allan poe house, which was probably about a fifteen minute walk. on the way there, we also passed by the electric factory, a philly concert venue that i had heard about a lot, and i was very pleased to find out that the venue is in an actual factory! i just thought that was pretty cool.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset           Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset         me & eddy

we ended up getting to the edgar allan poe house at around 4:30, around closing time for the museum/house, but we got to see the entire place before five o’clock, which was good. it was free admission, and you had the option to take a self-guided tour, which was what most people did. we first went into a small theater in the front of the house and watched like an eight-minute documentary on poe’s life, and then we began the actual tour. you could virtually go anywhere you wanted in the place, in whatever order you wanted, but they also give you a pamphlet that serves as a guide for what’s on each floor. we started from the first floor to the third, and although most of the rooms were completely empty, i still i found it awesome that we were in a place where one of my all-time favorite writers inhabited. also, before we visited the house, i was telling my mom about who poe was and what he wrote about, and while we were in the visitor center at independence mall, she had read about how the house is believed to have served as inspirations for some of his mystery stories, so basically, she went in convinced the place was haunted and was scared the entire time. my dad and i found this absolutely hilarious. there is nothing scary about this place.

after that, we decided to make our way to JFK Plaza, a.k.a. the place where the famous “LOVE” sign is situated. we walked all the way there, and luckily, we also passed by some cool places, like the chinatown and downtown areas.

philly chinatown arch                         philly city hall

the philly chinatown is the fifth metro-area chinatown i’ve ever been to; my mom loves to visit the chinatown neighborhoods and the shops when we go to big cities like chicago or san fran, but unfortunately, we just passed by. also, from what we could tell, it was mostly restaurants and small shops. but, i managed to snap a quick picture of the gate!

from there, we quickly entered the downtown area, where the convention center, most commercial shops, and jefferson station are located. we also had to pass through the city hall, which is literally the most beautiful city hall i think i’ve ever seen in my entire life. the architecture is absolutely stunning, and it has four points that you can walk through. it put the city hall here in boston to fucking shame, that’s for sure. but then again, i think every building is better-looking than the boston city hall. the only one uglier that i can think of is the xanadu building back home in jersey. and i don’t even think that’s a real building to begin with.

anyway. you know, i expected philly to be similar to boston, but it sure is not. sure it’s not as big as new york back home, but it certainly is bigger and more metropolitan than boston. don’t get me wrong, boston is beautiful and i love it, but i hate when people act like boston is as metro as nyc or chicago or something. it’s really not. i think i would feel better if there were more taller buildings all clustered together downtown. and if there was more shopping than just newbury and fanueil. i don’t know.

once we made it through city hall, we finally made it to JFK plaza, which is right across the street. the place was really underwhelming and pretty much desolate, but i think that’s because there’s still no greenery and most of the fountains are empty. people only come here for the LOVE sign, which i suppose is nice. *sips tea* i say this because there’s an exact same one near the MoMA in new york, and it’s bigger. just my onion.

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the one thing i did like about JFK plaza is THE VIEW!!!!!! holy cannoli, right where the LOVE sign is situated, you have an INCREDIBLE view of the philadelphia museum of art, a.k.a. the place with the “rocky” steps of cinematic fame. you can see the place all right, but the only thing was, it is FAR, at least by foot. but we did it anyways!

we walked all the way to the museum, and passing by, there are a number of other museums on the same street, like the franklin institute, and the rodin museum.

we probably arrived there after 20 minutes at around 6:00, and we decided to actually go inside the museum. (pro tip: college students, use yo’ student discount!!!!! you can usually get like five bucks off admission) we didn’t run up the steps like a lot of people were (actually!!) doing, we simply took our time walking up to the top. and it was pretty rewarding. there’s an excellent view of the skyline from the top of the steps, and the surrounding area. i took a looooooooot of pictures.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset             philly museum of art              view from the rocky steps

like i said, my parents and i decided to go inside the museum, and let me tell you this place is MASSIVE. if you couldn’t tell from the outside, you can definitely tell from the inside. there are only three floors, but the museum makes up for that in width. we only got to see five sections of the museum, and essentially only one floor. i was delighted to find out that the pmoa houses many paintings by monet, van gogh, and picasso, three artists i absolutely adore and admire immensely. i only managed to get a couple of pictures of some of the works that i liked, but here are some of the most important ones!! (i am still reeling from finally seeing one of van gogh’s sunflowers in real life!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!)

unfinished klimt          mystic truths         van gogh sunflowers

also, i don’t know if there was some kind event going on while we were there, but there was a jazz band playing at the front of the museum, at the base of the great stair hall, and they played the entire time we were there. i really enjoyed it. since it was friday, the museum closed a little bit later, at 8:45, but we stayed there until about 8. we decided to take a bus back to independence mall, because by that time we were pretty exhausted, and it would still end up being a relatively long trek if we decided to walk all the way back.

all in all, i had a wonderful day exploring philadelphia for the first time with my family on the last few days of my spring break. there are many, many more places i want to visit in this wonderful city, and i’m definitely going to go back as soon as i can.

2015 grammys: likes, dislikes, and everything in between

bey grammys 15   beck grammys 15   grammys 15 logo  57th Annual Grammy Awards   annie grammys 15

ah, the grammys. “music’s biggest night.” over the past couple of years, the grammys have unfortunately become one of the most boring telecasts of awards season and pretty much during the year as a whole. as someone who absolutely shamelessly LOVES awards season and red carpet interviews/arrivals, though, i can never not watch, no matter how much i expect it to suck and severely disappoint me. another reason i find myself compelled to watch the grammys in particular is that it’s about music–the one thing that i am most passionate about in the world, the one thing i am always eager to spend my time listening to, watching live, and discussing afterwards.

as i said before, the grammys in recent years have become more famous for their (sometimes) bizarre nominations, and doubly surprising choices for winners than for most of the performances that fall in between and waste far too much time. last night was no different, and as much as i liked many of the artists that sang, the whole thing seemed endless and felt like they only gave out a couple of awards even though they probably awarded, like, twelve.

instead of describing all the performances i thought were boring or (just strange) completely on here, i think i’ll just list them and briefly explain why:

  • ariana grande – dude. we get it. tatiana latte has a good voice, but if you wanted to showcase that even better, at least make it a little more exciting! this just put me to sleep.
  • tom jones and jessie j – sleep, pt. 2
  • gwen stefani and adam levine – i didn’t understand this at all, honestly. it was okay, but it didn’t blow me away. i know that the ballads were basically the theme of the night, but if your mission is to get more viewers to watch your show (which it sure as hell is), you have to make it entertaining. and please stop with the weird mash-ups/boring artist pairings.
  • madonna – now this was definitely much more exciting, but since it was new music, not everyone at home and at the ceremony could sing along to it, even though the message was pretty broad and accessible. i’m not saying she cater to her fans and should do a greatest hits medley at all, but how many times is madonna going to try to make a comeback with nothing more than a mediocre dance song? i think what i’m saying is i basically want music, pt. 2 because that shit still goes OFF.
  • ed sheeran (with john mayer and herbie hancock) – i could dedicate an entire post to how much i dislike ed and how completely uninteresting his music is. i really could. but i’m not going to give him the satisfaction. this was also pretty boring. i hear a lot of people saying that he’s like the john mayer of this generation, and although i know john mayer hasn’t exactly revolutionized music or anything, he’s an incredible guitar player/musician. and in that sense, far better than ed sheeran.
  • katy perry – the message that the domestic abuse survivor relayed was incredibly moving and important, but i didn’t get how it tied to the song at all. i’ve read that the song katy performed was written at the “lowest point of her life” while she was going through her divorce, but i couldn’t tell exactly what message she was trying to send with the whole intro. other than that, i already saw katy perry last week. por favor.
  • in a similar vein, what the fuck, grammys? getting the president to also speak on the huge, crucial issue of domestic abuse was entirely contradictory to your decision to award best rap album to eminem, whose MMLP2 is RAMPANT with OVERT violence and misogyny. say what you will about “rap god”, but that entire record was shit. i know you did a service to the entire galaxy by not recognizing iggy azalea and the new classic, but you did no better by giving it to eminem. and not to mention ROBBING schoolboy q and oxymoron. lol bye.
  • eric church, brandy clark, etc. – honestly…… you should have just brought out miranda lambert out again. at least she was exciting.
  • imagine dragons – Literally What The Fuck?
  • pharrell – Literally What The Fuck, Part 2? this was the most bizarre performance at the grammys i’ve ever seen, let alone one of the most bizarre performances of anything ever. i don’t even know what to make of it. nonetheless, at least it wasn’t the “happy” we all know and now loathe.
  • beck (with chris martin) – heart is a drum is one of the most beautiful songs on morning phase, as well as probably this entire year. but y’all fucked up with this one. i have nothing against chris martin as a person, but why was he even there? he didn’t really add anything to the performance, and if anything he made it even more boring. on top of that, this song was performed after beck won fucking album of the year? perhaps blue moon would have been a better choice to prove this album’s worth.
  • juanes – i think juanes is great, and being latin@, his music is inescapable, but i think this was just a filler performance. out of probably twenty filler performances.

performances i loved:

  • AC/DC: they kicked off the show, and i’ll admit i didn’t know who they were at first (i’ve never listened to their music? i know, i’m a bad person, blah blah blah) and then didn’t understand why they were there in the first place, oops. compared to some of the other performances throughout the night, this was by far one of the most electrifying. (PUN INTENDED)
  • hozier and annie lennox – took my ass to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! incredible!!!!
  • kanye west – raw, emotive, simply beautiful.
  • ELO –  literally had everyone singing along and dancing, loved it
  • tony bennett and lady gaga – this was just so cute. also lady gaga can really, really sing and people don’t give her enough credit for it.
  • rihanna, kanye west, and paul mccartney – best performance of the night!!!! had everyone singing/moving
  • sam smith and mary j. blige – a match made in soul/R&B heaven.
  • sia – maddie ziegler was flawless as always, and kristen wiig was surprisingly excellent, but i kind of wish that this rendition of chandelier was more like the one she did on SNL because sia has an INCREDIBLE voice, and here i think people were obviously paying more attention to the dancing/visuals
  • beyonce- TOOK MY ASS TO CHURCH AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tied for best performance of the night; bey was absolutely angelic.
  • common and john legend – this was actually the first time i listened to glory in its entirety, and it had me in tears. it was an excellent way to end the night, and thankfully the grammys (or cbs, i don’t know) learned from last year’s NIN/QoTSA/etc. fiasco and didn’t cut off anyone this time.

now for the winners……… just so you don’t have to open up another page to find out who won last night i’m going to insert a list right here (and by who won, i mean the most relevant categories to every one else, and the categories i cared about that i’m going to elaborate on)

  • Song of the Year: Sam Smith, Stay With Me 
  • Record of the Year: Sam Smith, Stay With Me (Darkchild Version) 
  • Album of the Year: Beck, Morning Phase 
  • Best New Artist: Sam Smith
  • Best Rap Album: Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP 2 
  • Best Alternative Music Album: St. Vincent, St. Vincent 

Song of the Year – out of all the nominees, sam smith DEFINITELY deserved this one, and i’m glad the academy got something right. if all about that bass had have won, i am positive the world would have imploded. bury meghan trainor with 2014.

Record of the Year – i would have loved for sia to have won this, one because “chandelier” was around for the year in its entirety, so it was truly “of the year”, and because it is a fucking. incredible. song. vocals, lyrics, composition, and everything. i expected sam to go home with this one and i’m extremely extremely happy for him, so i’m not entirely disappointed, but a win for sia would have been phenomenal.

Album of the Year – i think i’m going to dedicate an entire, separate post to this because shit was just too wild.

Best New Artist – this was the first award of the night; in all honesty, it would have been awesome if it had gone to the haim sisters, but i definitely expected sam smith to walk away with this one. and he did, and i was happy for him! his talent is massive and undeniable, and this was undoubtedly his year.

Best Rap Album – i talked about this a couple of paragraphs before, but to recap, schoolboy q should have gotten this one.

Best Alternative Music Album – HELL.YEAH. FUCKING. RIGHT. i’m so happy for annie clark’s win in this category, even though it is a minor one. she’s been one of my absolute favorite, favorite artists for a really long time now, and i just feel so proud of her for getting this kind of recognition. i would have been equally happy if reflektor had won instead, but st. vincent was a brilliant album.

and that was pretty much it. all in all, it wasn’t a spectacular event that you had to tune in to watch, but i must say, experiencing it as it’s happening is always really fun. there were a lot of good performances and DEFINITELY some unexpected moments, but i don’t necessarily think that aside from beyonce losing to beck for album of the year, it won’t be considered a very memorable ceremony.

the terrifying & hilarious world of tinder

at this point, if you haven’t heard of the app tinder, what the fuck are you doing? just kidding. i’m sure a lot of people have no idea what tinder is, and that’s totally fine. but i think most people do, and a lot of them are active on the app, so this post is entirely dedicated to this now-infamous and immensely culturally relevant app and my own personal experience with it.

so first off, what is tinder? basically, it’s a free dating app available on most smartphones and the premise of it is that, according to your indicated preferences, you are presented with a picture of an individual, as well as their “profile” (sometimes a series of pictures of them, their shared “Likes” or mutual friends with you from Facebook, and a short bio), if you wish. after that, you can swipe “left” if you want no interaction with them or swipe “right”  if you wish to potentially talk to that person. if you do swipe right however, in order to actually talk to this person, they are notified through the app and have to be “matched” with you (essentially a reciprocated desire to communicate) so you can begin. as for the whole discovery preferences part, on your settings page, you can also indicate whether you want to see men, women, or both, adjust the age range (from 18 to 55+), and and adjust the distance range based on your location (1-100 miles).

i first downloaded tinder when i came to college back in september, primarily because i thought it was a good way to meet cute new england boys here and also because i thought there was a great possibility that most of the people on it would not be as scummy as a lot of the guys back in jersey. and i was right about this, thanks! (i used it while i was at home for winter break and forreal now….. some of y’all look 35 not 19) so i tried it, and yeah i guess i would say that it’s fun. the thing is though, i’ve had it for months now and i’ve only been using it just to look at cute guys, i’ve never once swiped right on anybody. some of the guys actually do seem kind of decent–but you never know with the internet–and obviously physically attractive, but i’m to scared to swipe right on anybody because i’m a baby!

honestly this is not even that big a deal. i know for sure that it’s not the end of the world if a guy doesn’t get matched with me and i don’t even think that’s what’s really holding me back. a large part of it is general fear that the guy will be a total asshole or just boring and creepy or whatever which is totally normal. but my biggest concern is that if we do start talking, i won’t know what to talk about at all. i’m a terrible TERRIBLE TERRIBLE texter as it is and even if i do manage to talk about something and we end up meeting in person i’ll have to explain at some point that i don’t have any friends at school and i’m alone all the time? also if it does get serious, hooking up with a stranger from the fucking INTERNET is kind of scary to me? and i’ve never been in the “hooking up” situation ever in the first place?????????? and most importantly, i’m ugly and fat as fuck????????????????????????????????????

…… that’s the place i’m in right now. this isn’t completely devastating to me or anything, i think it’s just kind of frustrating that it’s yet another thing i can’t take control of in my life. what else is new? like everything, though, i’m working on it slowly.

but i do genuinely like tinder, mostly because i like looking at cute guys when i’m bored and ESPECIALLY the guys who make me literally laugh out loud with their creative profile pictures and short, ironic biographies. if you ever asked me if i would recommend tinder to you, i would definitely say yes, if only for the laughs. i mean, i’ve seen a lot of real relationships come to fruition from tinder, and from what i can tell it’s not that different from dating in real life. even though this is real life. i think i mean as opposed to assisted pairing. whatever, what i’m saying is that sometimes there is a possibility that relationships that start on tinder can actually result into something serious. but generally, tinder shouldn’t be taken seriously at all. just my #onion tho. i think most people use it just to hook up with Singles In Your Area Dying To Meet You !!™share dumb jokes, have brief but interesting conversations, and to simply troll people anyways, so if you’re interested the best advice i can give you is to not overthink it like i do. just have fun!!!!!

on that note, here are some of my favorite people that i’ve come across on tinder, specifically here in the boston area

IMG_6199       IMG_6198      IMG_6096    IMG_5497.full      IMG_6200

so shout out to you boys, who honestly make my day and give me a good chuckle right before i go to bed. i had to clear space in my iphone just to keep this app for you. i love y’all.

winter in boston

right off the bat, i’d like to put it out there that my favorite seasons of the year are the ones that are slightly cold and not extremely warm, and the ones you have to put a couple of items of clothing on for. in other words, autumn and winter. autumn is without a doubt, my favorite. as for winter, i’d say that i like it most of the time, but i don’t like it in the respect that it means freezing temperatures and a shitload of snow for at least five or six months out of the year. growing up on the east coast is especially bad during these months because the cold weather usually doesn’t hold up until late april/early may so it can feel like winter for much longer than it should.

as may (or may not) know, i decided to stay on the east coast for college and attend university in a different region, specifically new england. in essence, massachusetts is not that different from new jersey or the tri-state area in the sense that the climate and the weather is pretty much the same all year round–disgustingly humid in the spring and summer, crisp and cool (and PERFECT) in the fall, and polar vortex in the winter. nonetheless, i accepted that since massachusetts is relatively farther up north, there was a great possibility that the winter would seem and actually be a lot harsher.

back at home, i’d go to school where it was pretty cold inside and out, and then head outside after school ended to wait for the bus in the freezing cold of the late afternoon. then i’d get dropped off about a block from my house and trudge through the ice and snow and biting wind and finally arrive at my house where i was welcomed by an equally freezing atmosphere. so basically, it was cold everywhere all the time. and i was reminded of just how cold it gets when i went back home for winter break. just my luck, it happened to get extremely cold during the month that i was there! nice!

in my experience, it has gotten pretty cold here, but i think that i feel it a lot less than back at home. when i go outside to go to class or go farther downtown on the weekends, it can get unbearably cold; but, when i return to my dorm and the building that i live in, it’s always nicely heated. sometimes overheated. so much so that by the time i get to my room on the 13th floor, i’m literally sweating my ass off and i have to shed all the layers i have on immediately. not cute.

that being said, i’ve really enjoyed spending winter here. i’ve already had three snow days (today is one of them) and the city looks absolutely beautiful covered in snow. it’s snowing right now, and there is zero visibility outside, with practically no one driving on the pike or on commonwealth ave. (i particularly enjoy this because the pike is right behind the building i live in, and the droning of cars driving is a sound i cannot escape at any hour of the day while i’m in my dorm)

anyway, i thought i’d share some nice pictures i’ve taken while wandering around campus and the city. hope you enjoy.

this one I took on the BU bridge the first time it snowed. i've been here a couple of times and it's got an incredible view of the skyline and the charles river. i think it's my favorite place on campus.

this one I took on the BU bridge the first time it snowed. i’ve been here a couple of times and it’s got an incredible view of the skyline and the charles river. i think it’s my favorite place on campus.

this is a picture of my favorite mug filled with some hot chocolate that was distressingly awful

this is a picture of my favorite mug filled with some hot chocolate that was distressingly awful

this one i took on the second snow day of the semester. i walked around campus for about an hour and it was beautiful. the streets were completely empty and it was still snowing a little. i also listened to a really good mix of songs while walking around, and was a lil' magical.

this one i took on the second snow day of the semester. i walked around campus for about an hour and it was beautiful. the streets were completely empty and it was still snowing a little. i also listened to a really good mix of songs while walking around, and honestly….it was a lil’ magical.

this is the view from my building's dining hall; usually you have a great view of the prudential tower and the citgo sign, but today there was zero visibility. also, BU apparently has its own snapchat geofilter now! i think it's adorable.

this is the view from my building’s dining hall; usually you have a great view of the prudential tower and the citgo sign, but today there was zero visibility. also, BU apparently has its own snapchat geofilter now! i think it’s adorable.


i actually saw this bike rack on instagram and i immediately told myself that i had to go and take a picture of it to post on there myself. i'm not going to lie to you, sometimes i just go to places around the city to take pictures of them and post them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯this is on winter street, right in front of the macy's in downtown crossing.

i actually saw this bike rack on instagram and i immediately told myself that i had to go and take a picture of it to post on there myself. i’m not going to lie to you, sometimes i just go to places around the city to take pictures of them and post them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯this is on winter street, right in front of the macy’s in downtown crossing.  

IMG_6037                       IMG_6035

these were taken last week, at copley square in front of the public library and in the library’s courtyard. i’m always in and around copley square, and surprisingly enough i had never taken the time to actually visit the BPL. but, now i have and it is easily one of my favorite places in the city. the architecture is gorgeous.

are you there, beyonce? it’s me nerissa and i want to know how you made it without college?

julian dangerous

(hi everyone. this is my first post on this blog and i hope that any/everyone enjoys it. i’m going to try my best to keep it as real as possible.)

exactly two weeks ago, i came back to boston after a very nice, much much needed winter break in new jersey. i could talk to you about how it went, but i think i’ll leave that for another time.

whatever. the point is that i came back to school extremely sad that i had to leave my parents and my very comfortable bed for school again to start a new semester. a couple of days earlier, i had felt very excited to come back because i thought it would be an excellent opportunity to start fresh. my first semester at college was not as wonderful as i hoped it would be, so i told myself that spring semester would be the time to get my shit together, considering i would have all new classes, and i would meet some new transfer students that i could potentially become friends with.

last semester, i absolutely failed academically. i mean i didn’t tank completely, but my grades were not acceptable–by my parents’ standards and even my own. i dedicated most of my time to locking myself up in my dorm and watching an insane amount of television series and movies and ridiculous youtube clips. i would think about all the work i had to do, and immediately told myself that what was more important was “me time”. so i would either not do homework or study at all, hand in assignments half-assed and late, and not participate in class as much as i could have. i would complain all the time about how difficult the work was for me, but not do anything about it and ended up telling myself that it wasn’t going to be important in the long run, that none of these stupid assignments weren’t going to matter in twenty-something years when i was done with college and navigating life as a Grown-Ass Adult.

the thing i didn’t tell myself, though, was how much this stuff really did matter in the short term. over the break, i realized that not only was this kind of destructive to me personally and as a student, but i was also completely disrespecting the fact that my parents are paying a shit ton of money for me to go here. my mom tells me at least once a week that i’m here to study and for no other purpose but to help me pursue the career that i want.

so i told myself that this semester was going to be different, and i’m really trying to do better with time/priority management in terms of schoolwork. i still find myself neglecting some of my work and questioning whether going to college was a good decision in the first place, but yeah. i’m working on it. i promise.

another thing that also didn’t go so well for me last semester was socializing and making friends. i really struggled with making friends in high school, and before i started college in september my biggest concern was repeating high school all over again. i came in really confident and set on making friends because so many people have told me that college is the best new beginning you could ever possibly get, and every one is on the same boat. but that didn’t stop me! i did the same exact thing i did in high school which was not try to talk to anyone in class, worry too much about what people would think of me, and not “be myself”. that’s probably the shittiest piece of advice you could give a person with social anxiety/people who have trouble making friends, i think. what the fuck does that even mean? i don’t know who the hell i am, that’s honestly so useless to me and people say it all the damn time. how am i supposed to be myself when i change all the fucking time????

now, i don’t know if i actually do “formally” have social anxiety or anything, but i’ve been reading about it and i think i might have a moderate form of social anxiety. it’s not even that i’m anxious about talking to people, sometimes i really am, but i think i just have a hard time relating to other people or knowing what to say and how to keep a conversation going. also to be very honest not very many people here are extremely friendly, so it’s not like people are trying to get to know me either. at least in my time here. that might come off sounding like an excuse, but how can you become friends with someone if they don’t want to be friends with you?

in any case, some other good advice that came my way about making new friends and just meeting new people was to join some university clubs/activities, etc. so i did. i was really really interested in participating in college radio, and i signed up as soon as i could. and i actually got to!! it was pretty nice, i “interned” on an indie rock-themed show with two other girls who were really nice and got to talk to some of the other girls who ran the show and were upperclassmen. one of the girls that was there the most often was actually also a journalism major and liked a lot of the same music and other stuff i did and on a number of occasions we talked about some of the bands we liked and the concerts we had been to, and i really enjoyed our conversations. i actually really liked playing a lot of my favorite songs and new music on the show, as well as just talking about music and entertainment/life news with everybody else so i would say it was a really great experience. naturally, i wanted to be on radio again, but this time if i wanted to i had to create my own show which would have taken a lot of effort and i probably would have done it alone so radio for spring semester is probably not going to happen. but we’ll see; i’ll keep you guys posted.

aside from radio, another organization i wanted to get involved in was the school’s independent newspaper in order to sort of build up my experience and writing resume as an aspiring journalist. so i went to a meeting the other day, and i luckily it was a good one, so i applied on friday for a staff position. and guess what? ya girl got the job!!!! just this morning the head of the section i wanted to write for e-mailed me saying that the newspaper had accepted my application and that i had to accept the offer so i could start writing.

this is the happiest i’ve been about something in the longest time and it kind of makes me want to cry. i’m crying right now. i’m excited to actually build up my resume and get some cool networking opportunities, but most of all get the chance to talk and work with people who share the same interests. last semester i literally spent all my time alone every day of the week, talking to no one but my parents and my roommates and i was overwhelmingly unhappy and stressed about every single aspect of my life. i’m very optimistic about this (and other things) happening, and just maybe…. this semester will not be all that bad.