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2015 grammys: likes, dislikes, and everything in between

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ah, the grammys. “music’s biggest night.” over the past couple of years, the grammys have unfortunately become one of the most boring telecasts of awards season and pretty much during the year as a whole. as someone who absolutely shamelessly LOVES awards season and red carpet interviews/arrivals, though, i can never not watch, no matter how much i expect it to suck and severely disappoint me. another reason i find myself compelled to watch the grammys in particular is that it’s about music–the one thing that i am most passionate about in the world, the one thing i am always eager to spend my time listening to, watching live, and discussing afterwards.

as i said before, the grammys in recent years have become more famous for their (sometimes) bizarre nominations, and doubly surprising choices for winners than for most of the performances that fall in between and waste far too much time. last night was no different, and as much as i liked many of the artists that sang, the whole thing seemed endless and felt like they only gave out a couple of awards even though they probably awarded, like, twelve.

instead of describing all the performances i thought were boring or (just strange) completely on here, i think i’ll just list them and briefly explain why:

  • ariana grande – dude. we get it. tatiana latte has a good voice, but if you wanted to showcase that even better, at least make it a little more exciting! this just put me to sleep.
  • tom jones and jessie j – sleep, pt. 2
  • gwen stefani and adam levine – i didn’t understand this at all, honestly. it was okay, but it didn’t blow me away. i know that the ballads were basically the theme of the night, but if your mission is to get more viewers to watch your show (which it sure as hell is), you have to make it entertaining. and please stop with the weird mash-ups/boring artist pairings.
  • madonna – now this was definitely much more exciting, but since it was new music, not everyone at home and at the ceremony could sing along to it, even though the message was pretty broad and accessible. i’m not saying she cater to her fans and should do a greatest hits medley at all, but how many times is madonna going to try to make a comeback with nothing more than a mediocre dance song? i think what i’m saying is i basically want music, pt. 2 because that shit still goes OFF.
  • ed sheeran (with john mayer and herbie hancock) – i could dedicate an entire post to how much i dislike ed and how completely uninteresting his music is. i really could. but i’m not going to give him the satisfaction. this was also pretty boring. i hear a lot of people saying that he’s like the john mayer of this generation, and although i know john mayer hasn’t exactly revolutionized music or anything, he’s an incredible guitar player/musician. and in that sense, far better than ed sheeran.
  • katy perry – the message that the domestic abuse survivor relayed was incredibly moving and important, but i didn’t get how it tied to the song at all. i’ve read that the song katy performed was written at the “lowest point of her life” while she was going through her divorce, but i couldn’t tell exactly what message she was trying to send with the whole intro. other than that, i already saw katy perry last week. por favor.
  • in a similar vein, what the fuck, grammys? getting the president to also speak on the huge, crucial issue of domestic abuse was entirely contradictory to your decision to award best rap album to eminem, whose MMLP2 is RAMPANT with OVERT violence and misogyny. say what you will about “rap god”, but that entire record was shit. i know you did a service to the entire galaxy by not recognizing iggy azalea and the new classic, but you did no better by giving it to eminem. and not to mention ROBBING schoolboy q and oxymoron. lol bye.
  • eric church, brandy clark, etc. – honestly…… you should have just brought out miranda lambert out again. at least she was exciting.
  • imagine dragons – Literally What The Fuck?
  • pharrell – Literally What The Fuck, Part 2? this was the most bizarre performance at the grammys i’ve ever seen, let alone one of the most bizarre performances of anything ever. i don’t even know what to make of it. nonetheless, at least it wasn’t the “happy” we all know and now loathe.
  • beck (with chris martin) – heart is a drum is one of the most beautiful songs on morning phase, as well as probably this entire year. but y’all fucked up with this one. i have nothing against chris martin as a person, but why was he even there? he didn’t really add anything to the performance, and if anything he made it even more boring. on top of that, this song was performed after beck won fucking album of the year? perhaps blue moon would have been a better choice to prove this album’s worth.
  • juanes – i think juanes is great, and being latin@, his music is inescapable, but i think this was just a filler performance. out of probably twenty filler performances.

performances i loved:

  • AC/DC: they kicked off the show, and i’ll admit i didn’t know who they were at first (i’ve never listened to their music? i know, i’m a bad person, blah blah blah) and then didn’t understand why they were there in the first place, oops. compared to some of the other performances throughout the night, this was by far one of the most electrifying. (PUN INTENDED)
  • hozier and annie lennox – took my ass to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! incredible!!!!
  • kanye west – raw, emotive, simply beautiful.
  • ELO –  literally had everyone singing along and dancing, loved it
  • tony bennett and lady gaga – this was just so cute. also lady gaga can really, really sing and people don’t give her enough credit for it.
  • rihanna, kanye west, and paul mccartney – best performance of the night!!!! had everyone singing/moving
  • sam smith and mary j. blige – a match made in soul/R&B heaven.
  • sia – maddie ziegler was flawless as always, and kristen wiig was surprisingly excellent, but i kind of wish that this rendition of chandelier was more like the one she did on SNL because sia has an INCREDIBLE voice, and here i think people were obviously paying more attention to the dancing/visuals
  • beyonce- TOOK MY ASS TO CHURCH AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tied for best performance of the night; bey was absolutely angelic.
  • common and john legend – this was actually the first time i listened to glory in its entirety, and it had me in tears. it was an excellent way to end the night, and thankfully the grammys (or cbs, i don’t know) learned from last year’s NIN/QoTSA/etc. fiasco and didn’t cut off anyone this time.

now for the winners……… just so you don’t have to open up another page to find out who won last night i’m going to insert a list right here (and by who won, i mean the most relevant categories to every one else, and the categories i cared about that i’m going to elaborate on)

  • Song of the Year: Sam Smith, Stay With Me 
  • Record of the Year: Sam Smith, Stay With Me (Darkchild Version) 
  • Album of the Year: Beck, Morning Phase 
  • Best New Artist: Sam Smith
  • Best Rap Album: Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP 2 
  • Best Alternative Music Album: St. Vincent, St. Vincent 

Song of the Year – out of all the nominees, sam smith DEFINITELY deserved this one, and i’m glad the academy got something right. if all about that bass had have won, i am positive the world would have imploded. bury meghan trainor with 2014.

Record of the Year – i would have loved for sia to have won this, one because “chandelier” was around for the year in its entirety, so it was truly “of the year”, and because it is a fucking. incredible. song. vocals, lyrics, composition, and everything. i expected sam to go home with this one and i’m extremely extremely happy for him, so i’m not entirely disappointed, but a win for sia would have been phenomenal.

Album of the Year – i think i’m going to dedicate an entire, separate post to this because shit was just too wild.

Best New Artist – this was the first award of the night; in all honesty, it would have been awesome if it had gone to the haim sisters, but i definitely expected sam smith to walk away with this one. and he did, and i was happy for him! his talent is massive and undeniable, and this was undoubtedly his year.

Best Rap Album – i talked about this a couple of paragraphs before, but to recap, schoolboy q should have gotten this one.

Best Alternative Music Album – HELL.YEAH. FUCKING. RIGHT. i’m so happy for annie clark’s win in this category, even though it is a minor one. she’s been one of my absolute favorite, favorite artists for a really long time now, and i just feel so proud of her for getting this kind of recognition. i would have been equally happy if reflektor had won instead, but st. vincent was a brilliant album.

and that was pretty much it. all in all, it wasn’t a spectacular event that you had to tune in to watch, but i must say, experiencing it as it’s happening is always really fun. there were a lot of good performances and DEFINITELY some unexpected moments, but i don’t necessarily think that aside from beyonce losing to beck for album of the year, it won’t be considered a very memorable ceremony.