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the terrifying & hilarious world of tinder

at this point, if you haven’t heard of the app tinder, what the fuck are you doing? just kidding. i’m sure a lot of people have no idea what tinder is, and that’s totally fine. but i think most people do, and a lot of them are active on the app, so this post is entirely dedicated to this now-infamous and immensely culturally relevant app and my own personal experience with it.

so first off, what is tinder? basically, it’s a free dating app available on most smartphones and the premise of it is that, according to your indicated preferences, you are presented with a picture of an individual, as well as their “profile” (sometimes a series of pictures of them, their shared “Likes” or mutual friends with you from Facebook, and a short bio), if you wish. after that, you can swipe “left” if you want no interaction with them or swipe “right”  if you wish to potentially talk to that person. if you do swipe right however, in order to actually talk to this person, they are notified through the app and have to be “matched” with you (essentially a reciprocated desire to communicate) so you can begin. as for the whole discovery preferences part, on your settings page, you can also indicate whether you want to see men, women, or both, adjust the age range (from 18 to 55+), and and adjust the distance range based on your location (1-100 miles).

i first downloaded tinder when i came to college back in september, primarily because i thought it was a good way to meet cute new england boys here and also because i thought there was a great possibility that most of the people on it would not be as scummy as a lot of the guys back in jersey. and i was right about this, thanks! (i used it while i was at home for winter break and forreal now….. some of y’all look 35 not 19) so i tried it, and yeah i guess i would say that it’s fun. the thing is though, i’ve had it for months now and i’ve only been using it just to look at cute guys, i’ve never once swiped right on anybody. some of the guys actually do seem kind of decent–but you never know with the internet–and obviously physically attractive, but i’m to scared to swipe right on anybody because i’m a baby!

honestly this is not even that big a deal. i know for sure that it’s not the end of the world if a guy doesn’t get matched with me and i don’t even think that’s what’s really holding me back. a large part of it is general fear that the guy will be a total asshole or just boring and creepy or whatever which is totally normal. but my biggest concern is that if we do start talking, i won’t know what to talk about at all. i’m a terrible TERRIBLE TERRIBLE texter as it is and even if i do manage to talk about something and we end up meeting in person i’ll have to explain at some point that i don’t have any friends at school and i’m alone all the time? also if it does get serious, hooking up with a stranger from the fucking INTERNET is kind of scary to me? and i’ve never been in the “hooking up” situation ever in the first place?????????? and most importantly, i’m ugly and fat as fuck????????????????????????????????????

……..so that’s the place i’m in right now. this isn’t completely devastating to me or anything, i think it’s just kind of frustrating that it’s yet another thing i can’t take control of in my life. what else is new? like everything, though, i’m working on it slowly.

but i do genuinely like tinder, mostly because i like looking at cute guys when i’m bored and ESPECIALLY the guys who make me literally laugh out loud with their creative profile pictures and short, ironic biographies. if you ever asked me if i would recommend tinder to you, i would definitely say yes, if only for the laughs. i mean, i’ve seen a lot of real relationships come to fruition from tinder, and from what i can tell it’s not that different from dating in real life. even though this is real life. i think i mean as opposed to assisted pairing. whatever, what i’m saying is that sometimes there is a possibility that relationships that start on tinder can actually result into something serious. but generally, tinder shouldn’t be taken seriously at all. just my #onion tho. i think most people use it just to hook up with Singles In Your Area Dying To Meet You !!™share dumb jokes, have brief but interesting conversations, and to simply troll people anyways, so if you’re interested the best advice i can give you is to not overthink it like i do. just have fun!!!!!

on that note, here are some of my favorite people that i’ve come across on tinder, specifically here in the boston area

IMG_6199       IMG_6198      IMG_6096    IMG_5497.full      IMG_6200

so shout out to you boys, who honestly make my day and give me a good chuckle right before i go to bed. i had to clear space in my iphone just to keep this app for you. i love y’all.