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hello internet!!! the business bitch is back again with another super cool (mostly lame) update of her life! as you may or may not know, today was record store day–an annual event where a shit ton of awesome limited edition records are released today in local, independent record shops across the country. i’ve only recently gotten into record collecting, and i bought my first turntable two years ago. (if you must know, it’s a crosley cruiser one and it’s shit i know i regret buying it all the time) it’s something i’ve found i enjoy a lot, and record store day/its black friday continuation have become really exciting events for me.

last year was actually my first record store day, and i spent it at hogwild records in san antonio, texas, where i was spending my spring break with my family. (BEAUTIFUL city, by the way. if you ever get the chance to visit, definitely do so!!!) since we were on vacation, i knew it would be impossible to get up early and get there on time, so i was expecting to not get all the releases that i was interested in buying. we probably arrived there two or three hours after they opened, but i still managed to score some RSD releases as well as two other ones! i got four in total:

clockwise from left: "Holy Fire" 12" LP by Foals, "Apollo" 12" single by Disclosure, "Sunbathing Animal" 7" single by Parquet Courts, and "11th Dimension Live from Electric Lady Studios" 7" single by Julian Casablancas

clockwise from left: “Holy Fire” 12″ LP by Foals, “Apollo” 12″ single by Disclosure, “Sunbathing Animal” 7″ single by Parquet Courts, and “11th Dimension Live from Electric Lady Studios” 7″ single by Julian Casablancas

i was pretty happy with what i got to purchase, and even happier because of the awesome environment i got to spend record store day in (although i could have done without the huge-ass line to check out, but that wasn’t even that bad).

then, on black friday last year, i happened to be home for thanksgiving, and i was excited to go spend the smaller-scale version of RSD in what is so far one of my favorite, favorite record shops, vintage vinyl in fords, new jersey! the shop is actually kind of a long drive from where i live, so i was worried that we wouldn’t get there in time, but thankfully we did; maybe a couple of hours after they opened. i was also worried that it would be a similar situation to what i had experienced in san antonio, with super long lines and limited selection, etc. but i was totally wrong! black friday (at least at this record shop) was apparently not a huge, huge deal so i got exactly what i wanted, and very efficiently! there were no lines or crowds whatsoever, and i especially liked the set-up they had, where they set up a wall displaying all the releases. there was a counter where employees stood behind, and instead of a free-for-all situation, you would tell them or give them a list of what you wanted (they had a handy printable PDF of the releases on their website, which was cool) and they’d kindly get it for you. i thought that was really smart on their behalf. even though there weren’t that many people to, i guess, square off against, there was still some sort of order, and it ensured that you could get exactly what you wanted and wouldn’t have to scramble all around to find what you were looking for. i got three releases this time, and like i said, they were exactly the ones that i wanted:

clockwise from left: "Last Christmas" 12" single by Wham!, "1981-1982" 12" clear EP by New Order, and "Pieta b/w Sparrow" 10" pink EP by St. Vincent

clockwise from left: “Last Christmas” 12″ single by Wham!, “1981-1982″ 12” clear EP by New Order, and “Pieta” pink 10″ EP by St. Vincent

so that brings us today’s RSD experience, which i got to spend here in boston. this year’s releases were actually pretty nice, i would say, so i was really excited to be spending it in the home of the famed newbury comics shop. i told myself that this was a serious matter this year, and that i was going to, no matter what, get there as early as possible to get all the releases i was looking for. so i woke up this morning around 6:30, and planned to get to newbury comics’ newbury street store (which is a very short walking distance from where i live on campus!!! yaaaas!!) at around 8. i thought this would be a fairly decent time to arrive there, but i was a little concerned that maybe that time might even be too late; i didn’t know how seriously people here take RSD, if at all! turns out i was kind of right. i arrived around 7:50 at the newbury street location, and there were already about 30-35 people lined up already. it was supposed to be around 65/66 degrees outside today, but in the two hours we ended up waiting, it felt absolutely freezing. all the shade happened to fall on our side of the sidewalk, and the sun didn’t hit probably until i got out of the actual store. so that was less than ideal.

waiting was actually not all that bad, most of the people in front of me and behind me seemed really interesting and not douchey or pretentious or annoying at all. i didn’t talk to anyone lol i found it much more enjoyable to eavesdrop (even though they were speaking loudly like they wanted anyone to join in, you know in that friendly, casual kind of way). ALSO it turns out that one of the two guys that were standing behind me in line actually played the guitar (i guess on occasion, not always) with a massachusetts band (* i don’t want to write out their full name because i don’t want them to read this????? lmao i’m an idiot but whatever you can probably figure it out if you try) that i just started listening to a couple of months ago and really enjoy so that was really, really cool and surreal somehow but yeah time didn’t pass too slowly. AND oh my god they also just really nonchalantly cut me in line at one point????? like they just slipped right in front of me because they were talking almost the entire time with the guy who was standing in front of me whom they had just met? like i didn’t say anything at all but i gave them some major side-eye and i hope that guy fucking noticed like it wasn’t that big a deal but i mean, come on man, literally what the fuck??

also, since the marathon is this monday, a whole bunch of runners and tourists that are in town for the event were walking/running up and down newbury street and every ten minutes asking everybody in line what we were all waiting for. i already knew that it was kind of a big deal for the people that live here in the area, but today i learned that the marathon is a much, much bigger deal than i thought. many, many tourists come to boston for the marathon and bostonians, as with every event, have their usual turn up and get drunk. and rightly so, i believe, especially with what happened with the bombing two years ago, the marathon is another opportunity to show city-wide solidarity and pride. which is honestly really beautiful to me. i’m excited to spend monday downtown and witness it!

ANYWAY back to the music. at around 9 a guy, i’m guessing the owner of the shop(?), came out and informed us about how this shit was going to go down and how the store really appreciated our enthusiasm and patronage and encouraged us to have fun etc. he told us that there was a 1 per customer limit to each release, and that the RSD releases were going to be in the middle section of the store, in alphabetical order or in size order and whatnot. once we FINALLY went in, they made us go through the store to the ramp that’s in the back and around to the middle section of the store. they essentially dedicated an entire corner of the store to RSD merchandise, and closed it off so there were “””only””” like 40 people in that section at a time which i suppose is good but totally illogical because everyone was packed in there, scrambling to find/actually get what they wanted. luckily, i was one of the first 40 people in line, so i thankfully by the grace of the based god got virtually everything that i wanted.

clockwise from left: "Step" white 12" single by Vampire Weekend, "What Kind of Man" blue 12" single by Florence + The Machine, "I Loved You Honeybee" red, heart-shaped 7" single by Father John Misty, "The Charade" 7" single by D'Angelo and The Vanguard, "The Front Bottoms/GDP split single" 7" by The Front Bottoms/GDP, "Everything is Wrong" 7" single by Interpol, and "Bust No Moves" clear 12" EP by Run the Jewels

clockwise from left: “Step” white 12″ single by Vampire Weekend, “What Kind of Man” blue 12″ single by Florence + The Machine, “I Loved You Honeybee” red, heart-shaped 7″ single by Father John Misty, “The Charade” 7″ single by D’Angelo and The Vanguard, “The Front Bottoms/GDP split single” 7″ by The Front Bottoms/GDP, “Everything is Wrong” 7″ single by Interpol, and “Bust No Moves” clear 12″ EP by Run the Jewels

i must have gone around that one small corner around 10 times, scouring for releases that i wanted, but i didn’t find absolutely everything. and i suppose that was a good thing, because i spent so much money that i feel unbelievably guilty for some reason and i’m probably not going to buy any new vinyl at all for, like, at least a year. like i said, i got pretty much everything i was looking forward to buying, but i was kinda bummed that i couldn’t score the wu-tang protect ya neck 12″ and the hundred waters cavity 7″; and honestly the only reason i didn’t get them was because i don’t think the store even had them. i didn’t ask, but then again you would think that i wouldn’t miss it after like going around the place 10 times. but i’m not extremely upset about it, i’ll be okay. this was the best and most memorable record store day i’ve had so far, and i’d like to give a shout-out to newbury comics for being so supportive of this event and making it all possible!! i’m legit broke as fuck for the next like 20349230 months, but i still love y’all. i’m looking forward to doing it all again next year!